à La Carte Options

à La Carte Options

  • Large 3'x5' Field Banner - $300.00

  • Medium 2'x4' Field Banner - $150.00

  • Large 3'x5' Shared Field Banner - $100.00

  • Full Page Color Program Ad - $200.00

  • Half Page Color Program Ad - $125.00

  • Quarter Page Color Program Ad - $75.00

  • Eighth Page Color Program Ad (Business Card Size) - $50.00


You are advertising to the 35,000 plus people who will attend our games during the Football Season, as well as, the thousands who visit Lafayette High School on a daily basis. Our stadium hosts football games, track meets, lacrosse matches, and soccer games throughout the year!!!

Someone we can Contact if we have any questions or information.

Please don't forget the area code

Please select as many as you'd like.

Name of current football player that you'd like to receive credit for this donation.

LHS Booster Club President: Dana Bradford


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